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Greetings to you and welcome to the Christian SEO (search engine optimization) section of my website.  I am happy to work with fellow believers to help promote their websites and to get better rankings in places like Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Live.   If you prefer to work with someone who has Jesus Christ as their Lord then please let me know how I can help.

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My Faith Story

Here is a quick summary of the story of how I came to Christ.  If you'd like to hear more details please give me a call!

I grew up going to church but Christ was never a central part of our lives at home.  We'd pray before dinner occasionally and mom would take us to church now-and-then but mostly she'd kick us out for Sunday School and come back an hour later to pick us up.  One of my earliest memories of feeling a personal connection to Jesus came when I was 15.  I had just come back from a Chrysalsis weekend and I really felt like I could talk to God in a real way.

I went to college at Clemson University and immediately got involved in the Navigators.  Most of my friends were from this group but I was still living a double life -- the Christian at Navs on Wednesdays and at events and drinking and partying on the weekends.  My junior year I went to Australia for a semester.  While there I got involved in a Christian group on campus and the leader, a bloke by the name of Greg Lee, met with me one-on-one for several weeks to teach me how to read the Bible with others who have never opened it before.  That experience was amazing -- not before and not since has someone taken that much time to focus just on me and my walk with Christ.  It really shaped who I am today.  Greg still leads the Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle, Australia.   My senior year was my lauching pad -- my prayer was "God - make me into the man you want me and need me to be."  And sure enough he answered!  Jesus went from being just my Savior to being my Lord that year.  (And yes, we can debate the theology behind that if you wish.)

After Clemson I went on staff with the Navigators through their EDGE Corps program at The Ohio State University.  Those two years were a wonderful growing experience.  I was blessed with a great team -- many of whom are among my best friends today.  I learned to confidently share my faith, help others grow theirs, and be a champion for Jesus.  Today I live and work in Colorado Springs still looking to serve my Lord any way that I can.

-Hunter D. Willis


Colorado Springs and Denver SEO & SEM Services

Denver Internet MarketingWebstore Solutions specializes in Internet marketing.  We use search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies to get your website to the top of the search engine pages.  Let us take over your SEO, SEM, PPC, and email marketing campaigns and you'll see a dramatic rise in business.  We only hope you can handle all of that business!

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Colorado Springs & Denver Email Marketing ManagmentLet Webstore Solutions manage your email marketing campaigns.  Since 2004 and have learned a lot along the way.  We'll track everything:  from the number of emails sent out, to the number of people who opened the email and followed the link, to the number of buyers that came from the campaign.  Let us improve your email marketing ROI.