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Is Your Website SEO Ready?

Colorado Springs SEOIs your website optimized to rank well in the search engines?  Are you marketing your website around the Internet to drive visitors to your website?  If not, then you're missing out on a lot of business.  Let Webstore Solutions handle all of your SEO needs and watch your business grow!


Webstore Solutions | SEO Work We've Done in Denver and Colorado Springs

Past and Current SEO/SEM Projects

Here is a sample of the work we've done: is a discount shopping website that operates as an affiliate for  Webstore Solutions oversaw its development by a team of engineers in India.  We also worked as the SEO expert to get the site ready for the search engines.  We were the primary link builder too.  We continually monitor the Google Analytics and recommend changes to increase revenue-per-visitor.

eHalfOff has seen a steady visitor growth and recently saw a 100% increase in traffic thanks to ranking high in Google for the keyphrase discount shopping.

Stick Horses in Pants is a Colorado Springs-based improv comedy troupe.  SHiP, as they are also known, has been using our services since 2004.  Thanks to strong on-page optimization, link building, and a user-friendly site design Stick Horses in Pants consistently ranks above their competitors.  They regularly get calls from people who found them on the SERPs and were recently asked to be interviewed on the local news as "local comedy experts".

xSpirulina is an organic spirulina supplement.  We managed the site design, which was handled by a graphic artist in Serbia.  The design was simple on purpose.  The purpose of the site was to do A/B testing on price points.  We managed an Adwords budget of $1,000 and discovered that the higher-price on the supplement sold better.

Toby Lorenc is a local real estate agent who enlisted our services to increase his precense on the SERPs.  We only consulted Toby and did not do any of the leg work.  He now ranks well and was recently named the "3rd Best Real Esate Agent" in Colorado Springs by a local paper.  Toby was kind enough to write us a recommendation.

Fluency Fast is a national language school that uses special teaching techniques to help their students learn and retain a foreign language.  We acted as a consultant and made recommendations to increase their web precense and to decrease their PPC budget.  They have been a good client over the years.  Karen, the President of Fluency Fast, wrote us a recommendation.

Click here to see a sample of our website design projects.


Colorado Springs and Denver SEO & SEM Services

Denver Internet MarketingWebstore Solutions specializes in Internet marketing.  We use search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies to get your website to the top of the search engine pages.  Let us take over your SEO, SEM, PPC, and email marketing campaigns and you'll see a dramatic rise in business.  We only hope you can handle all of that business!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Colorado Springs & Denver Email Marketing ManagmentLet Webstore Solutions manage your email marketing campaigns.  Since 2004 and have learned a lot along the way.  We'll track everything:  from the number of emails sent out, to the number of people who opened the email and followed the link, to the number of buyers that came from the campaign.  Let us improve your email marketing ROI.